Thursday, November 22, 2012

Three kinds of Apple fanboys

I realized there are 3 kinds of Apple fanboys.

A. People who are fans of Apple products only.
B. People who are fans of Apple history and culture, it being a business.
C. Both A and B.

"A" fans are usually just fans of recent Apple products. They only got to know about Apple since it became popular over the last decade. They see Apple products as lifestyle (i.e. "luxury" / expensive) products that they want but not necessarily need to have, and buy them often despite the costs and publicly perceived "flaws." They often demand the latest and greatest from Apple, or for Apple to offer things that are seemingly better than the competition. They want Apple to give higher resolution cameras, higher resolution screens, faster processors, more memory and storage, and so on. If Apple releases an update to a relatively new product these people bought, they are mad as hell at Apple, because suddenly, they're not the most popular kid with the shiniest gadget on the block anymore. "A" fans think Steve Jobs is Apple.

"B" fans are just that. They know Apple's roots. They know Steve Jobs' stories. They know about Apple vs. Microsoft back in the old days. They have read Steve Jobs' official biography. They have used or owned Apple products from before Steve Jobs came back at Apple in the late 90's. They've also had Palm Pilots or Handspring Visors because the Newton wasn't really so great. They've probably tried PCs with Windows, and phones and tablets with other OSes and well, they appreciate the integrated engineering and design effort that were put in Apple products. But they are not necessarily fans of all Apple products. They know there are sucky Apple products, too. And they probably didn't buy or use those sucky ones. Like Ping. Or the Pippin. Or eMacs. Or the Podcasts iOS app. There are "B" fans also, that, sadly for them, they cannot afford Apple products. They buy secondhand stuff. They probably get PC or smartphone/tablet knockoffs from HP or Samsung. They might use FlyAKiteOSX just to make their Windows look and feel like a Mac, to some extent.

"C" fans are usually more of "B," but these might include tech journalists who need to buy/use and review as much of Apple's as well as other's gadgets. These guys all appreciate the Nexus 7 and the innovative tiles interface of Windows 8/RT and Windows Phone 7/8. These include other people who can also afford to buy the latest from Apple, and are probably building up a collection of Apple gear starting from pre-1998.

The truth is, Apple sells a lot more of their products to "A" than to "B" or "C." The truth is, there are probably much, much more non-Apple fans who make iPhones, for example, the #1 phone in terms of number sold. And usually these former non-Apple fans easily become "A." So now, there are probably many "A" out there, much more than "B" or "C". They probably do not care to read about Apple's history and culture, or about business in general to understand some of Apple's decisions, with or without Steve Jobs. Well, they don't need to. But unfortunately, some of them become bloggers and think that their opinion should be everybody's opinion. These "A" people, as well as the non-Apple fans who have easily become "A" (because hey, who can fault them), are what Apple haters see and call iSheep. Sadly, "B" or "C" are now also labeled iSheep despite its supposed definition. But yeah, it's the way of the world. Everyone wants to protect what they have invested in -- a natural thing to do. Everyone doesn't like being told "mine is better than yours." As far as I have seen, "A" people are more like this, and even more vocally so.

Wellp, that's just how I see it. It might be the same for fanboys of other things, and not necessarily just of tech-related stuff. The question is, what do you think?

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