Thursday, November 22, 2012

Three kinds of Apple fanboys

I realized there are 3 kinds of Apple fanboys.

A. People who are fans of Apple products only.
B. People who are fans of Apple history and culture, it being a business.
C. Both A and B.

"A" fans are usually just fans of recent Apple products. They only got to know about Apple since it became popular over the last decade. They see Apple products as lifestyle (i.e. "luxury" / expensive) products that they want but not necessarily need to have, and buy them often despite the costs and publicly perceived "flaws." They often demand the latest and greatest from Apple, or for Apple to offer things that are seemingly better than the competition. They want Apple to give higher resolution cameras, higher resolution screens, faster processors, more memory and storage, and so on. If Apple releases an update to a relatively new product these people bought, they are mad as hell at Apple, because suddenly, they're not the most popular kid with the shiniest gadget on the block anymore. "A" fans think Steve Jobs is Apple.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

2013 and Scott Forstall

People seem quick to discount Apple since losing Steve Jobs to tech heaven back in 2011. People now think Apple needs another Steve Jobs, or else!