Saturday, January 12, 2013

Really? You write an unconvincing argument for an iPhone mini and you write yet another one?

This time, the "tech bloggers" who think they know Apple are writing again. (Sorry, no links to poorly written articles.)

But hey, I am not saying Apple won't release a smaller iPhone. What I'm saying is that no one knows. I certainly don't. I can only hope.

Now, whether they will call it an iPhone mini or not is actually another thing. In one of my recent posts, I thought it would better be an iPhone nano instead of a mini.

The problem is these "tech bloggers" now are saying that the cheaper iPhone mini is going to be a 3.5 inch screen and almost exactly like the iPhone 4S, except maybe with a larger RAM and maybe 5MP instead of 8MP camera. So they're saying it's a repackaged, cheapened-down iPhone 4S but they'll call it an iPhone mini. 

Really? Are you really "tech bloggers?"

Because, duh, they already have the iPhone 4S! Why rebrand it as a mini and label it with something that makes it feel like an inferior product? If they will come up with an iPhone mini, it will probably be different, at least form-factor-wise, from the current 6 generations of iPhones -- just as the iPod mini or the iPod nano are different from the main/classic iPod, and the iPad mini very different from the regular iPad.

Plus, duh, it's not like it's something Apple hasn't done before. But these so-called "tech bloggers" apparently have forgotten: Apple repackaged the iPhone 4 into an 8Gb-only model when they released the iPhone 4S (iPhone 4 came out in 16Gb or 32Gb models), together with a very few internal upgrades. If their readers didn't know/remember that, they'd easily think these "tech bloggers" are so smart, no?

If I were these bloggers, I'd focus on gadget reviews and tech news, and less on tech opinions because the latter requires a lot more knowledge of the companies themselves, not just their products (and not just their recent ones), where as for gadget reviews, you only really need to look at the physical products.

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